So Carr, So Good – A Virtual Museum and Physical Exhibition for the Carr Center in Detroit

Summer 2020

Our team was tasked with two parallel initiatives; the design and development of a digital museum space, and an accompanying physical exhibition.  The digital museum is an extension of The Carr Center’s existing website, serving as a virtual platform for showcasing the visual and performing arts, both live pre-recorded.  The site also operates as a repository for all previous Carr Center events.  The accompanying physical gallery exhibition is located at the Carr Center in Detroit.  Curator Erin Falker, alongside Oliver Ragsdale and Chelsea Flowers have materialized the website’s content in physical space, interrogating the meaning, politics and opportunities embedded in the display of african american art in a fluid physical/digital context.

Digital exhibition platforms invite exciting opportunities for new forms of displaying, curating, and sharing artworks. As web space isn’t constrained by the logics of things like gravity, the conditions invariably challenge conventional modes of display and create opportunities for updated curatorial agendas.

Community Partners
The Carr Center
Oliver Ragsdale
Erin Falker
Chelsea Flowers

Student Team
Thomas McCormick
Fangtian Ni
Harsheen Kaur
Ishan Pal Singh
Karina Tirado
Linda Lee

Faculty Mentor
Jacob Comerci

For more information about the Carr Center, visit this link.