The Objectives

Public Design Corps is a Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning program. Offering University of Michigan students the opportunity to engage in socially-driven design, the initiative is conceived of through a series of parallel and related aspirations:

1. To broaden design’s positive social impact.

2. To help students apply architectural skills in design and spatial intelligence to projects guided by principles of equity and inclusion.

3. To strengthen the role of public engagement in socially-driven design.

4. To provide students with tools and methods to engage others in design processes.

5. To assist U-M community partners in spatializing and advancing their public missions.

Collaboration & Outreach

Designing for social good, in collaboration with organizations, and with pressing community needs in mind can be a difficult endeavor without proper training and tools. Consequently, Taubman Public Design Corps has partnered with the University of Michigan’s Edward Ginsberg Center. Student contributors participate in Ginsberg Center workshops to establish a foundational understanding of community engagement and co-design methods. Students also receive support from mentors with experience in inclusive, community-centered design. In addition to professional practice, training, and fieldwork, qualifying students have the option to log credit hours toward architectural licensure.