Fundraising Package for a Community Enrichment Center

Summer 2021

The mission of Communities First, Inc (CFI) is to build healthy, vibrant communities through economic development, affordable housing and innovative programming.  Operating under the motto “Empowering People. Building Communities”,  Communities First, Inc. nurtures projects and programs that keep the community involved and engaged in all phases of the development process. As the organization grows in scale and capacity, it endeavors to keep the community first in all of its work, addressing the needs and desires of those served.

CFI owns a historic building in Flint, Michigan, which for over 40 years has operated as a celebrated community center.  Much work has already been put into the replacement of HVAC and MEP, and our team worked with CFI to develop a fundraising package to fit out the building with a new incubator kitchen for small businesses, as well as various other multi-use spaces for children and families.

Community Partners
Communities First, Inc.

Student Team
Serena Brewer
Kimberly Lindberg
Iman Messado
Pilar O’Hara
Aric Reed

Faculty Mentor
Neal Robinson

To view our full project presentation, visit this link.
For more information about the Communities First, Inc., visit this link.